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Goslash ensures the security of all transactions. Every credit card purchase you make at Goslash.com.au is backed by the SSL encryption technology.

We currently accept Humm, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard payments for all orders.

We do not accept Cashier's Cheques or Money Orders.

Yes, after adding a product to your shopping basket, you will be directed to the shopping basket page with your order, where you can proceed to checkout, or you can click the 'continue shopping button' to return to the Goslash.com.au homepage, where you can view other products and choose to add them to your basket. To view your basket at any moment, go to the top of the page and click the 'basket' symbol.

Yes, you can put as many items in your cart as you want and then check out. Multiple orders will be sent out in separate shipments/courier bags, with each shipment having its own tracking number.

All our products come with free shipping. While we work closely with our supplier to ensure that stock levels are as accurate as possible, our supplier's warehouses are located all over the world. Our suppliers may need to ship the items to you in separate courier bags at times - this is how we keep costs low and freight moving quickly with full tracking International/Domestic courier service.

Please double-check your credit card number and expiration date. For credit card payments, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

We do not provide pick-up services.

These orders will be processed the following business day (excluding weekends and holidays).

Our order processing time is 2-3 business days, so you should receive your tracking number within that timeframe.

You can order from anywhere in Australia.

Base currency of our store is AUD.

Yes, all customers receive an immediate email with their order information, including their order id, name, and product details.
If you have not received it within 24 hours, please contact us.

Returns & Refund

You can contact us by email at info@paralleldeals.com if you have any questions about our online store or your order.

Goslash.com.au accepts product returns for refund or exchange up to 30 DAYS from the delivery date, as long as the returned product(s) are unused and in their original packaging.
You can submit a return request via email on help@paralleldeals.com for more information.

Within 7 days after receiving the package at our return centre, returns are confirmed. Once your return has been accepted, you will get a refund, exchange, or credit within 7 days of our services approving your return.

Any of our products offered through our online store are guaranteed to be defect-free. Any return or exchange request originating from a defective item will be accepted if the following conditions are met:
- The item had to be purchased through our online store.
- The item must have never been used and must be in its original packing.
- The return or exchange request is submitted within 14 days of delivery
- The return or exchange request is submitted within 28 days of delivery

If you need further information on how to return or replace a faulty item, please send an email to our customer care department on help@paralleldeals.com

We do not take back orders. While we do everything, we can ensure that our stock levels are always accurate, there may be times when we are unable to fulfil your order or locate a replacement product due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, we will contact you and offer you a shop credit, reward points for the amount you spent, or a full refund.

Shipping & Delivery

We ship to addresses in Australia.

We ship from warehouses in the United States, China, Australia, and New Zealand. As a result, if you order multiple things, you should anticipate them to arrive in distinct packages, as different companies specialise in different areas of manufacturing.

Our standard delivery time is 7-14 days.

Yes, we ship to PO Boxes for no additional charge (excluding Furniture or bulky Items)

Orders sent from overseas that over $1000 may be subject to import duty and tax. But do not worry we have got you covered. All prices on our site include all fees, and you will not have to pay anything extra.

Please do not click on any such links or pay any fees without first confirming with us.

For Fragrance

Eau de toilette is a light, refreshing fragrance that typically contains a smaller percentage of perfume oils than eau de parfum. An eau de toilette's lightness makes it a suitable choice for daytime wear.

Splash and spray fragrances are water-based. Splash is intended to last for a limited amount of time, usually a few hours. A spray scent is intended to linger on the wearer for a longer period of time, ranging from a few hours to the entire day.

A fragrance tester is a small sample of a fragrance that you can use to try out a perfume before purchasing.

There is no right or wrong answer because some people love the clean and refreshing aroma of aftershave while others prefer the feel of cologne. Wearing whichever product, you want will always make you feel great.

Fragrance notes are used to describe the smell of a fragrance as well as its various stages. Different kinds of scent notes include top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The aromas are detected at the top of the nose, between the nostrils, and on the forehead.

Direct sunlight, heat, or humidity should not come into direct contact with fragrances. Keep them in a cool, dry place.

We have thousands of fragrances in stock, many of which are discontinued or no longer available. Our buyers travel the globe to purchase entire inventories of hard-to-find or discontinued fragrances to store in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse.

Please follow the steps below to revive your perfume spray:

1. Place one finger in front of the spray nozzle.
2. Pump the spray 10-15 times with your other finger.
3. The third step is to remove your finger from the spray nozzle.
4. Re-pump the spray as needed.
5. Wait 5-10 minutes for the fragrance bottle to settle.


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